Ramayana Manthar

Bharat Mata Temple and Ramayana Darshan:

Kanyakumari is our country's southernmost tip and the meeting place of three oceans. Furthermore, this attractive city offers many tourist attractions. The Bharat Mata Temple is one among them. Ramayan Mandir is located inside the Bharat Mata Temple and displays the Valmiki Ramayan.

"Ramayan Darshan" or "Ramayan Mandir" is a visual representation of Valmiki Ramayana. It contains 108 wooden panels. Each panel depicts an important episode from the Ramayana in the form of oil paintings. In fact, one of the most remarkable aspects of Ramayan Darshan is a 27-foot-high granite monument of Lord Hanuman.

Bharat Mata Temple covers an area of 12000 square feet. It was built on the Vivekanand Kendra campus for a cost of 15 crores. Outside, there is a garden, fountain, and statues. The temple does, however, have the advantage of being open seven days a week. So, anytime you visit Kanyakumari, make sure to stop by this shrine.One hour is plenty to see this shrine in a tranquil and enjoyable manner.

The evening is a nice time to visit the Bharat Mata Temple. Because there will be a lighting and fountain performance each evening. If you're coming with family and children, this concert will undoubtedly provide a memorable experience.

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Ramayana Manthar